13 September 2008

Around the Web in Sixty Seconds

A few notables from the web in the last few days:

I would dearly love to attend the Desiring God conference this year. As I'm not I'll be looking forward to the mp3's of each speaker. This year the topic is on the Power of Words. In particular, and not just because it is Driscoll delivering it, the power of harsh language. DG has put together several interviews with the speakers and BTW has listed and linked them here.

Speaking of the Desiring God folks, they have put out some fantastic Don't Waste Your Life t-shirts. My birthday is coming up shortly - I'm gonna start dropping hints.

Carl Trueman reports that Stephen Nichols' long awaited work on the blues, Getting the Blues, is now available. I've been looking forward to this for some time. Read a bit more at Brazos Press and Amazon has it a bit cheaper.

The Exiled Preacher reviews Carl Trueman's, John Owen; Reformed Catholic, Renaissance Man here. I'm currently reading this and have found it an excellent and intense read.

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