28 September 2008

A Bit Lopsided

We're all lopsided or should I say, as Van Til does, we lean to one-sidedness in our spiritual lives and growth. We should be striving towards a biblical/spiritual balance. Here's a great quote on this from Van Til's An Introduction to Systematic Theology:

The unity and organic character of our personality demands that we have unified knowledge as the basis of our action. If we do not pay attention to the whole of biblical truth as a system, we become doctrinally one-sided, and doctrinal one-sidedness is bound to issue in spiritual one-sidedness. As human beings we are naturally inclined to be one-sided. One tends to be intellectualistic, another tends to be emotional, and still another tends to be activistic. One tends to be only prophetic, another only priest, and a third only king. We should be all these at once and in harmony. A study of systematic theology will help us to keep and develop our spiritual balance. It enables us to avoid paying attention only to that which, by virtue of our temperament, appeals to us (pg. 22, emphasis mine).

(HT: Miscellanies)

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