19 June 2008

On Preaching...

...We would do well to bear in mind James Packer's point that preaching is not simply communication; it is far more than that, in that it actually brings Christ, God himself, to the congregation. The sermon may be made up of words, but what takes place is far more than mere transmission of information; the Holy Spirit uses those words to point to Christ. It is only as Word and Spirit work together that people are confronted with the claims of Christ in a way that truly challenges and changes them. Quoted from Reformation: Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow by Carl Trueman.

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steve martin said...

Gerhard Forde, the late Lutheran theologian said that, "the gospel should be DONE TO YOU. The Word is in effect God's tool. And this can happen regardless of the poor words of pastor, laymen, or whomever.
It is the Spirit of God that opens hearts and minds...not the wit or winsomeness of the preacher.


- Steve M.