09 June 2008

Heidelberg Catechism Posts

Although I align myself with the Westminster Confession and Catechisms the Heidelberg Catechism is nevertheless a fine catechism and worthy of much study. My good friend Scrape at Not Just Sunday has started a weekly study of the HC here. Well worth the time to look in and have a read each week. Also, Iain Campbell has a fine post on the the HC as well here. Take a look!

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Anonymous said...

Don't you worry, I align myself with the Westminster Standards as well. I just wanted to take a look at something a little different. Actually, my first introduction to the Hiedelberg Catechism was at a small country PCA church near Goldsboro, NC. Though I only attended there briefly, I suspect they were one of the stricter WCF churches, but they were doing a good Bible study on the HC at the time.