17 March 2008

More on J.I.Packer

The Chairman of Reform, Rod Thomas, has written a protest letter to the Church Times which I think captures the sentiments of many of us....The threat by the Bishop of New Westminster in Canada to suspend the Revd Dr Jim Packer from ministry because his church has sought the oversight of the Primate of the Southern Cone has rightly created a huge sense of outrage across the Communion and especially among evangelicals in the Church of England. We are all indebted to Dr Packer for his monumental contribution to our understanding of Christian doctrine. To treat such a scholarly, godly and elderly man, who has been a key evangelical leader for over half a century, in this mean-spirited and aggressive manner is deeply upsetting. Read the entire letter here.

On another note, I found the following clips of Packer commenting on work and worship worth some reflection.

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