09 March 2008

Just One Book....Part 2

OK, so since no one chimed in on this its down to me to just fill in the blank. So, if I could only give an unbeliever one book what would it be? I would also have to go with Piper's Desiring God (as Reformed Christian UK did) and I'd follow that up a short time later with his Don't Waste Your Life. Both are fine books for a believer at any stage in their walk.
Piper has such a great balance to his preaching and teaching, he just can't be beat.

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ReformedChristian said...

Don't Waste Your Life is a book that I do recommend to believers. I always felt called to the ministry yet it was through Don't waste your life that God used to compel me to go to Bible College. I am glad that I also got to tell Dr Piper this a couple of years ago in Glasgow.