22 February 2008

Decent Pubs and Beer

Lately I’ve been listening to several lectures by Carl Trueman and have enjoyed nearly every second of them. If you aren’t familiar with him he’s quite an able scholar and a brilliant speaker. Every lecture on John Owen is worth a second listen. However after already being really impressed by this guy he gives the following response to the Exiled Preacher’s query on what he misses about England:
Family; Bon Accord Free Church of Scotland in Aberdeen, where I was privileged to serve as an elder. Then, in no particular order, decent pubs and beer, proper chocolate, spaghetti hoops, Indian food, Branston pickle, marmite, thoughtful newspapers, Harry Hill, Terry Wogan's Breakfast Show, orthodox Christians who are left of center in politics. Decent pubs and beer? This guy is incredible. OK, I’m really hooked on this guy now. I'll start buying his books based on that statement alone.
Read the entire interview with Carl Trueman by the Exiled Preacher here.


ReformedChristian said...

I was right there with him until he mentioned marmite, that is just too gross!


Reformed Renegade said...

That video is hilarious!

I always think of that Mr. Bean episode when he was putting Marmite on twigs. Very funny stuff.