09 February 2008

Around the web this week....

The issue of Islam is high on everyone's watch list. If its not on your's it should be. Stephen at the Reformed Christian UK posted this excellent observation on Islam this week. Closely related to that Guy, the Exiled Preacher, posted this concerning the Archbishop of Canterbury and Sharia Law. The views of the Archbishop are just astounding; I don't have the words to express my dismay for this man's views.

The good folks at the Monergism blog have posted the Puritan Library. If you're into the Puritans this is the place to go. Links for tons of the works by Owen , Flavel and Baxter just to name three. All can be read or downloaded free.

And finally, for poking fun at WTS there is this humorous blog.

Photo is of John Flavel. You can read his Keeping The Heart here.

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