16 January 2008

Unbelievable...Well, Maybe Not

You just gotta read this and shake your head....Seems hard to believe but its true. How about some perspective from across the pond. Anyone? I'm an organ donor myself but this unbelievable...well, maybe not.


ReformedChristian said...

State opression??? That is a bit strong, Russ. I think Gordon Brown is responding to a real need within the medical profession to supply organs. I know I am not registered as an organ donor but I agree with it, I am sure most people are in my position. I think Gordon Brown's proposal is a common sense approach. It beats stem cell research on Feotuses. The family can still say no, but it beats Drs having to raise a sensitive issue with relatives. Biblically I don't have a problem with this as the body is done with until the resurrection.

God Bless bro

Reformed Renegade said...

My Friend,
I didn’t call this state oppression; I only used that as a label. However, its only one step away. If this goes through and becomes law, in the months and years to come you’re only one short step away from it becoming mandatory. At that point is it wrong? At what point did those in Europe decide that euthanasia was not wrong? We lose our freedoms in small increments and it usually starts, like this one, with altruistic motives. I’m always leery of the State forcing the people to do something that the people would do if the population, for the most part, were believers. It makes the State stronger and the Church weaker. Should we reduce our tithes to the church because we our taxes have increased that take care of the poor? There are many who subscribe to that line of thinking. I see this as just more unnecessary Government intervention in our lives. Perhaps living in a country that has much more government intervention you are accustomed to it and see this as no big deal. Interesting that we are opposed on this issue yet I am a donor and you are not yet. I would not argue that there is a real need but why is the “need” being solved by a government mandate?


ReformedChristian said...

Apart from health care I don't think we have State intervention anymore than in the US.
I'll think over this issue some more and get back to you.
God Bless