05 January 2008

And We're Off....

Its that time again. Time for an over abundance of political ads, mud-slinging, & endless considerations on every subject that affects us as humans and citizens of the United States. Its easy to get bogged down or wound up in the whole presidential election process. Al Mohler had some wise words for us in his latest post when he wrote: The rhetoric of the race -- and the rhetoric of many evangelicals -- is disturbing. This race is important and necessarily so. We are talking about the next President of the United States, after all. But evangelicals have invested far too much hope in the political process. No government can make people good, transform humanity, or eliminate sin. The political sphere is important, but never ultimate. Jesus Christ is Lord -- and He will be Lord regardless of who sits in the Oval Office. Let's remember that our Lord owns the cattle on a thousand hills (Psalm 50:10) and #11 of the Westminster Shorter Catechism, What are God’s Works of Providence? God’s Works of Providence are, His Most Holy, wise, and powerful preserving and governing all his creatures, and all their actions. The Lord is control, let us be calm and settled in that fact.
Read Mohler's entire post here.

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Jim said...

I agree. I have posted similar issues. No Economic system will solve anything. No Government system will solve anything. No Church/Denomination will solve anything. Only GOD will solve anything. God is able to run our country regardless how is in the office. I am a Christian and I am sad to see other "right wing" Christians ignoring history, law, and fairness. We should all take a long hard look at what things we consider to be important from God's perspective rather than man's perspective.

God is ruling all things to work together for our good and His purpose. God is adjusting our history for His purposes.

We can tell people about Jesus Christ without forcing them to believe what we believe in certain issues.