08 January 2008

John Newton - Together for the Gospel

I've just finished reading The Cambuslang Revival by Arthur Fawcett (a great read by the way) and in the final chapter the author quotes a letter from John Newton which is worth quoting again here: My hearers are made up of all sorts...My endeavor to to persuade them to love one another... Accordingly Churchmen and Dissenters, Calvinists and Arminians, Methodists and Moravians, now and then I believe, Papists and Quakers, sit quietly to hear me...whether a surplice or a band be the fittest distinction of a minister...whether water baptism should be administered by the spoonful or tub-full, or in a river, in any river on in Jordan (as Constantine thought), are to me points of no great importance...If a man loves Jesus, I will love him, whatever hard name he be called by...His differing from me will not always prove him to be wrong, except I am fallible myself.
May we all humbly agree with Newton here. There was a time I would not have and for that I repent. But today we must work together for the Gospel and bring glory to our Lord.

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Jim said...

I like this quote. Thanks for sharing.