01 December 2007

What Was I Thinking?

In my quest to sample (& hopefully enjoy all of the Christmas Ales that are out there) I gave Rogue Ales' Santa's Private Reserve a tasting. To say the least it was disappointing. It left the most awful finish from a beer I've had it quite some time. To be fair its description states it has a hoppy, sprucey finish and I don't care for hoppy beers (my wife warned me I wouldn't like it - I hate when she's right about beer). Perhaps if your liking leans towards beers with a bitter hoppy flavor you'll enjoy this one. I did not.
On another sour note for beer its come to my attention that Sierra Nevada is a supporter of their local Planned Parenthood clinic. Their Christmas Ale is one I will not be imbibing this season or ever. Read more about this at the Better Drinking blog.

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