26 August 2007

Men in Church

In this American Vision article the author describes passing a church sign that read, Wonderful Wednesdays. I find this kind of stuff absolutely nauseating and I hope you do to. Men and ladies, we need to stand up and and let our church leadership know that that everything from feminized pictures of Christ to Saturday sewing circles exclude and alienate men from attending church. Be sure to read the full article on the leadership found during the War of Independence which was quoted in the article here.

(HT: Reformed Mafia)


ReformedChristian said...

Greetings from the Highlands! Have you read any Mark Driscoll he affirms manhood like no-one I have heard in the Church. I was listening to him from the DOG conference in 2006 where he said he wouldn't want to worship the affeminate Jesus because its not right worshipping someone who you could beat up. Thanks for viewing my blog. Are you a 1st generation Scot living in the States?

Reformed Renegade said...

No, I have not read Driscoll on this subject, thanks for the tip!
I'm 2nd generation - my mom was born in Kilmarnock. Thanks for taking a moment to stop by and please do so again. I've enjoyed all your posts and look forward to more.