24 August 2007

Evangelical Theology of Barth

Check out the Exiled Preacher's review of Evangelical Theology: An Introduction by Karl Barth. Its a fair look at Barth's thought on the subject. I have to admit that I agree with EP when referring to the book he states that his main problem area is his weak doctrine of Scripture. I think this is true of Barth in general. This is a hard stop for me as I think it should be for anyone. His views on inerrancy are less than orthodox and I'm being generous with that statement. Yeah, yeah, yeah, Barth makes us think. So what! Many good theologians do that as well. I've posted before that I don't like Barth's theology and until someone can give good reason to give any credence to what he's written in light of his views on Scripture, my view will not change. So, there's the challenge take it or leave it.

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