20 May 2007

Keeping The Heart, Proverbs 4:23

One of my favorite books that I often refer to is John Flavel's Keeping the Heart. It is a source to remind me that I may be fooling others but I am not fooling God. God knows my heart and so it is incumbent upon me to keep my heart. The book is also a source of encouragement. To keep one's heart from despondency during affliction he wrote, By these cross Providences, God is faithfully pursuing the great design of electing love upon the souls of His people....All the He does is in pursuit of, and in reference to, some eternal, glorious ends upon our soul. Oh, it is our ignorance of God's design that makes us quarrel with Him. He continues, Though God has reserved to Himself the liberty of afflicting His people, yet He has tied up His own hands by promising never to take away His loving-kindness from them. ....It is a marvellous efficacy to keep the heart from sinking under affliction to call to mind that your own Father has the control over it. Not a creature moves hand nor tongue against you but by His permission. ....Nothing grieves Him more than your groundless and unworthy suspicions of His designs do.

So, let us draw near to God and trust Him in all His dealings with us.

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