22 May 2007

Iain Murray on Reformation and Revival

I’ve been listening to some sermons/lectures on Reformation & Revival by Iain Murray (I believe they were given at a Pastor’s conference some time ago.) Outstanding stuff ! Murray offers his assessment of the three views on revival. The first is that there is no Revival to be had. We have all that we are to receive from the Lord now, it anticipates nothing more than what have at the current time. This view limits the working of the Holy Spirit and is quite discouraging. The second is that Revival only comes through obedience, it is conditional. Thus, it is logical to conclude that we are disobedient and therefore in a state of judgment. This also is dispiriting in that within the boundaries of this view we would never be obedient enough to ever see and experience revival. Lastly, the balanced view, is that God is still working in and through His people all the time ("I am with you always") but there are times when when He is pleased to shed a greater outpouring of His Spirit. Murray explicates this view thoughtfully both from Scripture and history. Well worth the time to give it a listen. Additionally, he offers an exemplary explanation of the working of the Holy Spirit in revival, i.e., the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

Give it a listen from Sermonaudio.com.

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