30 May 2007

Help, I Don’t Like Karl Barth

What's so special about this guy?

Help, I don’t like Karl Barth. And, I don’t understand this modern fascination with him. From my earliest training I’ve not liked him based on what he has taught. His books in my library sit on my “heresy shelf” and forever shall they remain. Now, let me clarify that I hold nothing against him personally I and I do so hope that he is now with the Lord. Nor am I saying there is nothing we can’t learn from him. But why is he the Theologian of 20th century? Why are there numerous blogs devoted or semi-devoted to him? What is this fascination?
Like many, I’m at odds with his view of Biblical Inerrancy and his view on understanding the revelation of God borders on pantheism. On those two issues alone is enough to discredit much of what he wrote and taught.
So, somebody help me understand why Barth is so great and why he is the greatest theologian of the 20th century.
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Gordan said...

I'm with you.

As to your questions at the end, though, I think a lot of "mainline" Protestant theologians think that Barth beat the liberals at their own philosophical games in the 20th Century, and actually caused many of them to move in a more orthodox direction (still out in left field, but facing home plate at least.)

I read his "Commentary on Romans" and wanted to throw up.

Reformed Renegade said...

Yeah, I know alot of them think that but if they needed Barth to head them in the right direction they have much bigger problems they need to deal with. Ya know? Anyone who cannot emphatically state that they believe in the inerrancy of Scripture means I cannot trust what they teach. What they believe (& teach) is tainted by their own disbelief.