12 February 2007

Take the Test

Another great post from the Jolly Blogger. I took the test, too. My results are below. Take the test here, its fun and makes you think a bit. Of course, the test is biased on the author's opinions but still....

You scored as Reformed Evangelical.
You are a Reformed Evangelical. You take the Bible very seriously because it is God's Word. You most likely hold to TULIP and are sceptical about the possibilities of universal atonement or resistible grace. The most important thing the Church can do is make sure people hear how they can go to heaven when they die.

Reformed Evangelical 71%
Evangelical Holiness/Wesleyan 61%
Neo orthodox 57%
Fundamentalist 57%
Classical Liberal 25%
Emergent/Postmodern 25%
Roman Catholic 18%
Charismatic/Pentecostal 11%
Modern Liberal 0%

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