10 February 2007

Calvinism...Where the Rubber Meets the Road

I found a very well written article on the practical side of Calvinism. For when the going gets tough the author wrote:

Now that’s where Calvinism really comes through for you. It applies the Bible where you need it the most. Think through the basics. Jesus died for you personally (Personal Atonement). He loves you, not what he can get out of you (Unconditional Election). He pours out his love on every bit of you, not just on what you think is your sweeter and nicer side (Total Depravity). His love is stronger than all your doubt and foolishness and fear put together (Irresistible Grace). He keeps on loving you, all the way through to the end (Perseverance of the Saints). That’s the Five Points of your Father’s love!

Calvinism is truly life changing and life enriching. For those who think its just stuffy ol' theology, well it's time to think again.

Read the whole article here.

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