07 October 2012

Christian, be a Christian

John Piper
Christian, be a Christian: live by faith; walk by the Spirit; serve in the strength that God supplies.

That is, live in such a way that Christ gets trusted, you get helped, people get served, and God gets glory.

When you face a challenge or a temptation, do APTAT:
A: Admit that without Christ you can do nothing.
P: Pray for God's help.
T: Trust in a promise suited to your need.
A: Act with humble confidence in God's help.
T: Thank him for the good that comes.

The first two and the last are acts of prayer. So let us remember that prayer is not a mere devotional interlude in the real business of living; it is the pathway of faith and obedience. There is no other.

John Piper. Sanctification in the Everyday: Three Sermons by John Piper (Kindle Location 277). Desiring God Foundation.

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