07 August 2012

A Look at the Book of Hebrews with Sinclair Ferguson

Sinclair Ferguson
...The big picture in Hebrews is fairly straightforward. Put simply, it is “Jesus is the greatest.”

Jesus is: greater than angels (chaps. 1–2); greater than Moses (3:1–4:12); greater than the priests and high priests (4:13–7:28); and greater than the Old Testament sacrifices (chaps. 8–10).

Since this is so, like those heroes of the faith who looked forward to the Messiah’s coming, we need to: keep our eyes glued to Him as we persevere in faith (chaps. 11–12) and live together as the new covenant community (chap. 13).

If we get lost in the details, Hebrews will appear to be a long, maze-like book. But if we grasp the big picture, we will see why the author thought he had “written … only a short letter” (13:22, NIV).

The above is from Time to (Re)Discover Hebrews by Sinclair Ferguson at the Ligonier Ministries website. Take a few moments to read the whole article and spend some time a the Ligonier website enjoying the many things they have to offer. You'll be enriched.

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