12 July 2012

A Degree of Success

John Owen
...By success [in the mortification of sin] I mean gaining full victory over it and pursuing it for a complete conquest. For instance, when the heart at any time recognizes sin ans temptation in action, seducing it and forming sinful imaginations to put the lust into practice, the heart must immediately see what is happening, bring the sin to the law of God and the love of Christ, condemn it, and follow it to execute it to the uttermost.

...We must implant, promote the continual residence of and cherish those graces that stand in direct opposition to the lust.

...Our victory will be further realized as the new man immediately springs into action, and cheerfully fights against lust the moment it appears. We must use every weapon available to conquer it. (Taken from The Mortification of Sin by John Owen abridged and Made Easy to Read by Richard Rushing, Banner of Truth, pgs. 38-39.)

Powerful words. We must all be working to this point where we have growth in our sanctification, as minimal as it may be. Praise God for the work of the Gospel in our lives.

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