07 June 2012

Mortification of Sin is a Blessing Through the Spirit

John Owen
We receive mortification as a part of the blessings we receive in Christ. All the blessings that we have in Christ are given to us by the  Spirit of Christ. Without Christ we can do nothing (John 15:5). All the blessings and graces we experience in Him at the beginning, and our growth in Him, are sent by the Spirit. He alone works in and on believers. Through His strength, sin can be mortified. ...

How does the Spirit mortify sin?
i. By causing our hearts to abound in grace and the fruits that are contrary to the works of the flesh.
ii. By the effective destruction of the root and habit of sin, to weaken, destroy, and take it away.
iii. He brings the cross of Christ into the heart of a sinner by faith, and gives communion with Christ in His death, and fellowship in His sufferings.*

*From The Mortification of Sin: Abridged and made easy to read by Richard Rushing, Banner of Truth, pgs. 17 & 18.

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