27 June 2012

Eight Ways to Avoid Wandering Thoughts During Prayer

Thomas Manton
Thomas Manton offers eight ways to avoid wandering thoughts during prayer:

1. We must wait upon Him for the power of His grace
2. Meditate on the greatness of God
3. Seek to put down the lusts that are likely to draw your minds away
4. Prepare for prayer
5. Focus on your purpose
6. Develop spiritual affections and you will find it more enjoyable to talk with God
7. Consider the weight of the responsibility
8. Promote solemn meditation on the things of God within you heart*

It is far too easy for us to fall into the trap of allowing our minds to wander during prayer. Try as we will, our minds continue to drift until we move on to the next duty of the day. Perhaps the above suggestions can help us in our prayers to the Lord.

*Adapted from Voices From the Past, edited by Richard Rushing, Banner of Truth, page 191.

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