02 March 2011

On Worry...

Surely one of our greatest issues is that of worry. It certainly is for me. But as believers in a sovereign, loving God it really has no place in our thoughts. Consider the words of John Flavel:

Believe firmly that the management of all the affairs of this world, whether public or personal, is in the hands of your all-wise God... Resign up yourselves to the wisdom of God, and lean not on your own understanding.... When Melancthon was oppressed with cares and doubts about the distracting affairs of the church in his time, Luther thus chides him out of his despondency ... do not presume to be the governor of the world, but leave the reins of government in the hands that made it, and best knows how to rule it. (John Flavel, The Works of John Flavel, Banner of Truth, 4:336-337.)

So be encouraged. Our sovereign Lord reins and all is in his hands.

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