18 December 2010

The Glory of the Incarnation

A slip of a girl, a virgin, bears a child; he is born in a stable; he grows up in a minor town in a land of little importance, and that under foreign occupation; as an adult, he lives a life which, outwardly, has all the appearance of an itinerant of no fixed address; he eschews military force; and finally, betrayed by a close friend, he is beaten and crucified; and, even then, he depends upon the generosity of another for his tomb. Every step of the way, salvation is wrought by God, in contradiction of the expectations and standards of this world. - Carl Trueman

This never ceases to amaze or effect me. God always works the opposite way we think He should. Praise Him for His wondrous works and Providence!

Thank you Carl Trueman for reminding us of what is truly important at this time of year.

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