11 December 2009

Kindle, Nook, or SI Tablet or....?

Maybe I'm just an old fart but these book readers don't do much for me. There is just something about holding that book or magazine in my hands, being able to flip back and forth in all those pages, and laying it out in front of me on my desk as I study that just can't be ever replaced. Sure, it'd be cool to have a Kindle and carry around all the standard tomes with me. The Bible, Calvin's Institutes, Matthew Henry's Commentary, and all those other works that one refers to most often. But I'd never use it for actual reading. Yeah, I think I'm showing my age but that's ok. One day I'll succumb to the book readers temptations but today is not that day. I'm very happy to continue to live in the stone age and and keep the lumberjacks gainfully employed and the paper mills milling away to produce the paper on which those books which I treasure are printed. I'm just not sure which is one its way to becoming an antique faster, me or my books.

Anyway, each of these readers seems to still have its shortcomings (besides the price - I am a cheapskate by ethnic origin, I won't deny it). To read more about the Nook and Kindle check here and for info on the new SI Tablet take a look here.

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