22 December 2009

A Christmas Thought

Oh when will sinners be weary of their bondage, and sigh after deliverance? If any such poor soul shall read these lines, let him know, and I do proclaim it in the name of my royal Master, and give him the word of a King for it, he shall not be rejected by Christ. John 6:37. Come poor sinners, come; the Lord Jesus is a merciful King, and never will condemn the poor penitent that submits to his mercy. -Taken from The Fountain of Life by John Flavel, pg. 192.

We should well remember that the meaning of Christmas is that a Saviour came to save the unrighteous. The Incarnation should remind us of this and forever should we be grateful. And, never should we neglect our privilege in sharing the gospel with those who so desperately need to hear it.

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ReformedChristian said...

John Flavel is awesome isn't he! Wow good stuff! I like your picture, is it St Giles Edinburgh? it certainly looks like it.

God bless