07 July 2009

What Book Book Brought You To Calvinism?

A short time ago the guys over at the Reformed Forum did a show on which book got you started on Calvinism and what's the story that goes with it. I thought it would be great to ask that question here. For me, believe it or not, it was An Eschatology of Victory by Marcellus Kik. I'm sure someone is asking how an eschatology book got me started. As the story goes, back in my dark years, I was a dispensationalist. I called my Pastor at the time to inquire of him some piece of information on the subject and I was told that he did not hold to dispensationalism. "I'm a postmillennialist." I was floored. Couldn't believe it. He loaned me his copy of EOV which got me further into Reformed theology. What I didn't know at the time was that he was steadily converting to Reformed theology by reading Joy Unspeakable by Martin Lloyd-Jones. (So I guess, indirectly, that book got me into Reformed theology as well.) The rest is history - I've been Reformed and reading Reformed theology ever since. What's your story? What's that book that got deep into Reformed theology? I want to hear from all of you.


ReformedChristian said...

Hi Russ,

It was reading Ephesians that I came to a reformed understanding. Later this was developed through reading MLJ's Ephesian series, R. C Sproul's books also lead me to study systematic reformed theology.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm looking into Theonomy and saw that you are a former believer of the doctrine. You made the statement on some guy's blog about being kicked off the Puritanboard.

What was it that convinced you that Theonomy is no longer a valid doctrine?


Anonymous said...

"The Gospel According to Jesus" was probably one of the first books that made me aware of historical theology as a category and that was the beginning of the end. Hodges "Systematic Theology in 3 Vols" was the watershed.


Reformed Renegade said...

I am no longer a "Theonomist" in the proper sense of the term. I would still agree in principle that the laws of our land should be based on Scripture and not the ideas of man. IOW, I would agree with what the Westminster Confession states on this issue such as in Chapter 19.

I would no longer describe myself as a Theonomist as those that do are a) quite splintered in how they would carry out theonomy, b) are often arrogant and self-righteous (I say this with all do respect to these folks as many are quite learned and I do belive that they are Christians), c) they focus far too much on the politcal aspects of issues today rather than taking a Scriptural stance and d) it is putting the cart before the horse today as Theonomy will never work until there is an out-pouring of the Holy Sprit in this country.

BTW, it was not me who was kicked off the Puritanboard. I have never been a member. It was Daniel Ritchie, who is the author of the ReformedCovenanter blog, that was removed from that discussion board.