15 July 2009

Catch The Vision

I just finished reading Catch The Vision, Roots of the Reformed Recovery by John J. Murray. It was a great read. Short and concise, it offered a good overview of the reformed recovery in the 20th century. The author highlights the people and events, often unrelated to one another, that gave rise to the recovery. Perhaps the most important chapter is the final chapter where the author transitions from tracing the history to offering some practical insights of where the recovery succeeded and where it fell short. And perhaps, what are response today should be to those shortfalls. Without giving away too much, Murray cites how the recovery succeeded in three areas:

1. We have a record of what God can do through a leader in the most difficult times [referring to Dr. Martin Lloyd-Jones]
2. We have an abiding armoury of Reformed truth
3. We have witnessed a worldwide spread of Reformed theology

Conversely, as the recovery fell short of the vision, he lists three areas of focus so that we may charge ahead :

1. It is vital to maintian a full-orbed witness to the Reformed faith
2. It is vital to maintian zeal for church reform
3. It is vital to recover the creation and covenant view of the family

Here he cites such notables as B.B. Warfield, C.H. Spurgeon and Carl Trueman as testimonies of where our emphasis should be and how movement forward should be initiated and maintained.

At only 12 bucks this is a great Summer read. Don't let this pass you by.

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