26 April 2008

Thoughts on Blogging

Those of us who blog, and there are many reasons for us to do so, ought to give the following on blogging some thought. Abraham Piper observes well when he states, Let the general flavor of your blog be positive, not contentious. If the majority of your content is made up of disagreeing with people, you should question your motives for blogging. If you actually derive pleasure from bashing others, you should just quit. If your blog regularly makes you enemies, that doesn't necessarily mean you're being persecuted for Jesus. It may just mean you're a jerk. Amen. Thus, Sometimes I think I don't have many readers as I don't wish to be contentious which, let's face it, can draw a crowd. Let us all emmulate and praise God for the irenic bloggers that offer Godly, thoughtful & interesting material. I hope we are all in their ranks.

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