17 April 2008

John Owen's Nine Directions for the Mortification of Sin

I've been re-reading portions of Owen's Mortification of Sin in Overcoming Sin and Temptation edited by Kapic and Taylor. Owen is such a master in this area as he convicts and then blesses the reader. Here are the nine directions:

1. Consider whether the sin you are contending with has any dangerous symptoms attending it

2. Get a clear abiding sense upon your mind and conscience of the guilt, danger and evil of that sin

3. Load your conscience with the guilt of it

4. Get a constant longing for deliverance from the power of it

5. Consider whether the sin is rooted in your nature and exacerbated by your temperament

6. Consider what occasions and advantages your sin has taken to exert and put forth itself, and watch against them all

7. Rise mightily against the first actings and conceptions of your sin

8. Meditate in such a way that you are filled at all times with self-abasement and thoughts of your own vileness

9. Listen to what God says to your soul and do not speak peace to yourself before God speaks it, but hearken what he says to your soul

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