10 September 2007

We're Back...

We're back from the Ligonier Highland Games in Ligonier, Pa. It was a great time. Here are a few pics of the opening ceremonies and the parade of clans.

Covenant Presbyterian Church, Ligonier, Pa.

On Sunday morning we attended an Old Tyme Scottish Worship Service at Covenant Presbyterian Church. It was intended to incorporate elements of a worship service during the latter half of the 16th century. Well, it was interesting what they decided to keep and what the decided to expel. For instance, the men sat on the left side of the church and the woman on the right. They “locked the doors,” sung a couple Psalms & the minister read a portion of the Scots Confession of 1560. On the flip side, there were two burning candles on the communion table and the minister was adorned in a robe. What would John Knox say about that? There was a brief and incorrect statement in the bulletin as to why musical instruments were not used however the organ was played on this morning. The congregation was asked to recite the Lord’s Prayer in Scots Gaelic and since very few, if any, knew Scots Gaelic, you can just imagine how that sounded. Worst of all, the message smacked of universalism, ok, it was. Should I have expected more in a PCUSA church? In many ways it was hopelessly pathetic from an historic point of view. On the other hand, it was an interesting experience and the church building was beautiful.

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