04 September 2007

Ten Reasons

Graham Weeks has provided us a great list (ala the Exiled Preacher) of reasons to grow a beard. As I've sported a beard nearly all my life (some of my friends believe I was born with it) I thought this list worth posting here. Thanks Graham!

1. It is truly manly (bearded ladies exempted).
2. It is peaceable. Contrary to popular prejudice which may see beards as aggressive, the need to be clean shaven came from the necessity of not being grabbed by the beard in hand to hand combat. Beardies are big cuddly bears. You can see from this that I am an advocate of the full beard not a goat-like appendage. [Me, too. RR]
3. Makes a young man look older. Obviously not my present reason for growth.
4. Saves much time.
5. Saves much money
6. Proclaims non-conformity.
7. Allows for diversity in appearance. You can change from time to time. You too can endeavour to look like W G Grace, John Calvin, Knox or C.H. Spurgeon et al.
8. A catch all for falling food - but only if a good length.
9. Something to stroke if you are without pet or partner.
10. When old enough, you do not need to hire a beard to be Father Christmas. You are Father Christmas.

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