03 June 2007

Not Again....?

For the second time I find myself writing about cussing preachers. First, it was Piper who said ass during a lecture. Now we have Chuck Swindoll who has said, crap, buns, heck and balls. Oh no, what is this world coming to if Swindoll uses this language? Read the article here. For crying out loud, it was during a talk to men titled, Male Leadership 101. Someone is finally communicating to men on their level, i.e., humorously (not with vulgarity) and he is being punished for it. VCY Radio has pulled the plug on Insight For Living. I'm not a big fan of Swindoll's but here is a respected guy talking to the average Joe on the street on his level. It's just another case of men being excluded. We're never going to reach men if we don't start communicating with them where they're at. I'm not suggesting any of us tell off-color jokes about prostitutes or drop the f-bomb in every sentence. But reading the quotes in this article made me laugh. We'll do far better by being genuine with men then by using god-talk. God-talk will scare men away faster than anything. Read the article, laugh and thank our good Lord for giving us humor.

And, for what it's worth, Swindoll's story on his prostrate exam was hilarious.

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