12 September 2020

Commentary Review: ESV Expository Commentary: Romans–Galatians Volume 10

 There are a myriad of commentaries on the market today. For the layman or pastor one must do their research to find those that employ sound exegesis, excellent theology, and readability. Crossway's new commentary series has them all. Volume 10 of the series, ESV Expository Commentary: Romans–Galatians, is enjoyable, instructive, and pastoral.

Contributions include Robert W. Yarbrough (Romans), Andrew David Naselli (1 Corinthians), Dane Ortlund (2 Corinthians), and Frank Thielman (Galatians), all well known names in their field. Each author has an engaging style that is easily readable yet scholarly.

Each book begins with an introduction and every passage studied has a section overview, section outline, comment section, and response. This commentary is fully engaging and helpful.

This would be an outstanding addition to any library. Its usefulness cannot be overstated for teachers, preachers, and layman.  ESV Expository Commentary: Romans–Galatians can be purchased at Amazon or at WTS Books.

Crossway has provided a complimentary copy of this book. Thoughts and opinions are my own.



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