09 April 2013

Christ in the Old Testament

Many of us really miss the point of the Old Testament. Its not a bunch of moralistic stories that can be repeated week after week to our kids in Sunday school. The point is Christ. The OT looks forward to Christ as we today look back. Scott Redd provides an excellent look into the nature of this issue. In part he states

The OT witness to Christ is as rich and varied as are all of the functions he performs. When evangelicals talk about Christ in the Old Testament, they tend to look for images, patterns, or outright anticipations of Christ's work of substitutionary atonement. Of course, Christ's work as once-and-for-all sacrifice is central to the Christian hope for salvation, but it only gets at part of the distinct and lordly character and work of the Son of God himself.
In fact, the New Testament claims that Christ fulfills the Old Testament in many ways. Just to name a few, Christ is:
Read the entire article and delve into the richness in Scripture that points to the Gospel.

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