11 September 2012

Suffering, Laxatives and Martin Luther

The devil has sworn to kill me, this I certainly know, and he will have no peace until he has devoured me. All right, if he devours me, he shall devour a laxative (God willing) which will make his bowels and anus too tight for him. Do you want to bet? One has to suffer if he wants to possess Christ. It would be easy indeed for us to triumph if we were willing to deny and calumniate [Christ]. Yet it is written: "Through many tribulations we must enter the Kingdom of God" (Acts 14:22). This is no longer just a word; it has become a reality, and we should act accordingly. Yet He is [here] who along with the tribulation brings about the escape for the faithful. (Taken from The Wit and Wisdom of Martin Luther by Eric W. Gritsch, Fortress Press, page 94.)

Though humorous, the above statement from the hand of Martin Luther carries much wisdom. And we as believers must embrace the tribulations that come our way. Whether sickness, financial crisis, loss of employment or any other miseries endured in this life, it is all from the hand of God for our good and His glory.


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