05 May 2012

"I need to bring God's purpose to this work"

So when we look at our jobs, for instance, no matter what our job is, we view it not as our purpose in life but rather as where God has sovereignly placed us for the purpose of making Christ known and his name great. If you are a teacher, if you are a politician, if you are a businessman, if you are in agriculture, if you are in construction, if you are in technology, if you are in the arts, then you should not be saying, "I need to find my life's purpose in this work," but rather "I need to bring God's purpose to this work." (From The Explicit Gospel by Matt Chandler.)

How many of us have fallen into this trap as products of our self-serving society? Many of us? Most of us? May we take time this weekend to reexamine our motives and desires and bring them into line with the Gospel.

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