12 March 2012

Calvin on Psalm 71:20

    You who have made me see many troubles and calamities
        will revive me again;
    from the depths of the earth
        you will bring me up again.
(Psalm 71:20 ESV)

...When David complains that calamities had been shown to him, he means that he had suffered them. And as he attributes to God the praise of the deliverances which he had obtained, so he, on the other hand, acknowledges that whatever adversities he had endured were inflicted on him according to the counsel and will of God. But we must first consider the object which David has in view, which is to render by comparison the grace of God the more illustrious, in the way of recounting how hardly he had been dealt with. Had he always enjoyed a uniform course of prosperity, he would no doubt have had good reason to rejoice; but in that case he would not have experienced what it is to be delivered from destruction by the stupendous power of God. We must be brought down even to the gates of death before God can be seen to be our deliverer.

Calvin, John; Beveridge, Henry; Anderson, James; King, John; Bingham, Charles William; Pringle, John; Myers, Thomas; Owen, John; Pringle, William (2011-11-15). Complete Commentaries (With Active Table of Contents) (Kindle Locations 113258-113260). Kindle Edition.

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