14 February 2012

A Confession of Sin

Confession of Sin

Our Father, we have sinned against you by indulging our fallen nature and failing to be diligent.  With shame we confess that we have not sought to preserve and increase our neighbor’s wealth, and have tried to enrich ourselves in selfish and sinful ways, especially at the expense of others.  We have been extravagant with ourselves and stingy with those in need.  All too often we have been wasteful of your good gifts, reckless with our own possessions, and uncontrolled in our spending.  We have acted on impulse and have not lived by principle.  As a result we have allowed material things to master our affections and we have fallen into idolatry.  Father, please forgive us for Jesus’ sake.  Amen.

- Rev. Scott R. Wright, Redeemer Church (PCA), Hudson, Ohio 

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