19 November 2011

Cultural Transformation or Forgiveness of Sins?

Carl Trueman brings out some interesting and critical points in the debate over transforming culture or individual forgiveness of sins. He blogs

The gospel-centred world seems divided over whether the gospel is primarily about transforming culture or individual forgiveness for sins.  Of course, there is a spectrum of opinion on this matter and not everyone is at one end of it or the other.  Yet the passions generated by DeYoung and Gilbert highlight the problem and indicate that it cannot be ignored.  Indeed, it seems likely that the gospel-centred world is set to become more, not less, polarized on this issue.  After all, how one answers the question of the mission of the church reflects how one understands the gospel and shapes everything that the church does.

Like Trueman, I have yet to read DeYoung's and Gilbert's new book but it is now pushed to the top of the reading list. I look forward to reading their new work, What is the Mission of the Church? and gaining insight on this difficult issue. Where each of us stand on this issue has serious implications.

Read the entire post by Trueman here.

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