16 May 2011

Exceptional Post on Introverts

Being one of the world's leading introverts I found Thom Rainer's post on The Introverted Leader exceptional. The following is just a wee quote:

Small talk drains introverts. We weird people often wonder why people ask us how we’re doing. We can’t stand to be captured by a stranger or casual acquaintance that wants to tell us how we can make the world a better place to live. We dread being placed at a dinner table where we are expected to carry the conversation. We do not like being the center of attention. To the contrary, a lone corner of a room with no one noticing us suits us just fine.

I have often been perceived to be unfriendly because of my introversion. It’s a fair accusation. I do not have a gregarious outwardly friendly personality. But I am deeply loyal to friends and family. Still I do need to work on my appearance of unfriendliness.

If the above describes you to any degree I suggest you read Rainer's suggestion's to compensate for your introversion. I found them helpful and wise. Thanks Dr. Rainer.


Anonymous said...

"Small talk drains introverts" - Amen.

Reformed Renegade said...

I guess we won't be talking this coming Sunday then, eh?