15 April 2011

Gospel Coalition 2011

I arrived home from TGC last night after a long ride with two very close friends. Along the way we digested what we had heard and shared some seriously laughter. We enjoyed three days together of wonderful preaching in every style, fantastic worship music, inspiring workshops, an outstanding bookstore and lots of free stuff (mostly books) - thanks to all who gave away so much. I can't wait to dig in.

My takeaways:

- That many people in one large room singing praises to God is simply awesome.
- It warms my heart to see Christians of various convictions come together for the cause of Christ.
- I was honored to hear and meet some well-known authors, teachers and preachers who have given their lives to helping others learn and grow in the knowledge of Jesus Christ. This was a reminder to thank the Lord for them often.
- I was thankful for the theme this year of Preaching Jesus and the Gospel from the Old Testament. Every speaker handled this so well it is beyond me to pick one or two that were the best. Each session taught me intellectually and spoke to my heart as well.
- Truly thankful for a loving wife who understands my book buying habits (addiction?). I love you, Cathie!
- I spent three days with two Godly men sharing laughter, struggles and Biblical insight. Thanks guys.

I'm already looking forward to Together for the Gospel next year and TGC the year after.

Please share your thoughts on TGC. I'd enjoy reading them and connecting with you.


Anonymous said...

Hey Russ, great thoughts, amen! Sorry I missed you too - I did nearly accost another brother with a beard like your though(!). Be faithful with what you learned - let's pray that for all the attendees... db

Reformed Renegade said...