03 July 2010

A Short Review of "John Calvin and His Passion for the Majesty of God"

John Piper’s little tome, John Calvin and His Passion for the Majesty of God, is a superb piece that reviews the high points of the Reformer’s life and clearly demonstrates in his thoughts and deeds his desire to display the Majesty of God. Indeed, it is a short work, only 59 pages including the appendix, but it’s a must read for anyone wanting an introductory lesson on Calvin. Moreover, it presents the Reformer's life long passion for sharing God’s majesty, primarily through the preaching of Scripture. If the reader is looking for more depth and information there are other works available (see sidebar).

If there is a down side to this little work it is found in the unnecessary appendix in which we find a defense of Calvin’s involvement in the trial of Servetus. Piper deserves credit for defending him but it is yet another wearisome defense of the Genevan Reformer against those who cannot properly interpret history. This appendix would have been better left out as it distracts from the main thrust of the work.

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