26 April 2010

Never a more splendid specimen...

I never could believe in the Jesus Christ of some people, for the Christ in whom they belive is simply full of affectionateness and gentleness, whereas I believe there never was a more splendid specimen of manhood, even ints sternness, than the Saviour; and the very lips which declared that He would not break a bruised reed uttered the most terrible anathemas upon the Pharisees. - C.H. Spurgeon

This one of my favorite Spurgeon quotes. It is so because it reminds me that we so often share Jesus as this guy who has a wonderful plan for your life yet we forget His horrible wrath that will come to unrepentant sinners such as the Pharisees. Let us share the Gospel rightly, that is, Scripturally. Let's not water down the Gospel to what it can do for the sinner but share what a wonderful and blessed God He is and that He sent His Son to die on the cross for the likes of you and me.

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