05 February 2010

Justification and the New Perspectives on Paul

The doctrine of justification and the “New Perspective on Paul" is a critical issue for Christians today. The good folks at Ligonier have put together a fantastic list of resources on the subject. As they state, These accusations cannot be easily brushed aside, for they strike at the heart of our entire understanding of salvation. Head over to Ligonier, then read and listen, study, understand and share your knowledge with others.

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Kaitiaki said...

While I don't dispute the importance of the doctrine of Justification by faith. I have to wonder how we describe the final judgement (see Matt 24:31-66) and do justice to Jesus' teaching.

He *seems* to be saying we will be judged by our works - and our attitude to them. Now, if the question is whether NT Wright's formulation is likely to have us believe we have earned our salvation (in spite of the fact that he denies we can) then a case may well be made that it is wrong to do so. But could not the same be said for Jesus' words?

The concerned writers seem to be stressing the importance of attitude as the basis of the final judgement and it is (truly) the key element. Yet, and here we should maybe be a little more fair to the reality, our works do play a part in that final judgement - if not as NT Wright explains it, then how?

Remember James ... "faith without works is dead, being by itself ..." I wonder what he would have made of NT Wright's writings.