17 November 2009

Just $68 Gets You a Case

Have you seen this? Just 68 bucks gets you a case of Seeing and Savoring Jesus Christ. A great little devotional book and it's great one to give away. From the DG website:

It feels too early to talk about Christmas, but it is fast approaching.

The merchandising world has been thinking about Christmas all year and is about to overwhelm us with its annual advertising blitz. Soon the season will be in full swing with traditional gatherings, company and school parties, greeting cards, decorations…

Yet in the midst of the breathless hustle and bustle stands Jesus, almost obscured, but not quite. And for those who have eyes to see him, Christmas provides a rare cultural opportunity to point him out to others who can’t see him (yet).

This Fall and Christmas we want to help you reach out to your neighbors, your co-workers, and those who visit your church. Seeing and Savoring Jesus Christ is simply a meditation on Jesus Christ. The chapters are short. The tone is worshipful. The subject is essential.

Our prayer is that many believers and unbelievers will read this book. We pray that afterwards, when they sing “O come let us adore him, Christ, the Lord,” they will sing with a new sense of wonder and profound joy.

I encourage you to order a case (DG will take donations less than $68) and share this book. Give it away and be an encouragment to others. Revitalize your own spiritual life while helping others to do the same.

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