07 January 2009

David Clarkson on Worship

What you do in public worship, do it with all your might. Shake off that slothful, indifferent, lukewarm temper, which is so odious to God...Think it not enough to present your bodies before the lord...The worship of the body is but the carcass of worship; it is soul worship that is the soul of worship. Those that draw near with their lips, only shall find God far enough from them: not only lips, and mouth, and tongue, but mind, and heart, and affections; not only knee, and hand, and eye, but heart, and conscience, and memory, must be pressed to attend upon God in public worship. David says, not only "my flesh longs for Thee," but "my soul thirsts for Thee." Then will the Lord draw near, when our whole man waits on Him; then will the Lord be found, when we seek Him with our whole heart. - From the Works of David Clarkson, vol iii, pgs. 193-194.

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