12 August 2008

Don't Waste Your Blog

I read and consume numerous blogs daily and even more weekly. I’ve come to the conclusion that many folks do have something valuable to say and share. Much of it is original. Much of it is simply sharing a quote. Much of it is sharing your personal life with us to some degree. Much of it is a mix of all of the above and more. Much of it is worth your time. Much of it is not. For example, sometimes I simply quote a Puritan as the quote has had an impact at some level in my life and even if no one else reads it, I can refer back to it myself and be reminded of its value. But if I all I do is quote others I’m wasting my blog as there are plenty of quote sites and other bloggers doing the same thing. I was recently quoted by someone who does nothing else on her blog but quote other bloggers. What is the point? Be original, be dynamic, and be insightful whenever you can. So, don’t waste your blog this way.

I often come across blogs or blog posts that are full of mis-spellings and various other errors. When we as bloggers do this it is clear that we are not adept at what we are doing and we then will not come across to others, especially unbelievers, as intelligent, thoughtful Christians. Don’t waste your blog this way.

I’ve seen and I’m sure you have as well, many critical blogs. Critical of other Christians. I’m not referring to the academic negative book review for example, but rather the overall critical nature that puts down others to build up oneself. Don’t waste your blog this way.

There are those who blog and often quite insightfully but don’t share with us who you are or where you’re coming from. I ignore these blogs as there is something wrong with one who wants you to read his blog but not share his background. Tell us who you are. I can’t take someone seriously if he won’t tell me something about himself. Don’t waste your blog this way.

Stop blog-dumping or I believe it is more commonly called blogorrhea. You've seen these blogs, there are five posts a day and only one of the posts is worth reading. Don’t waste your blog this way.

Respond to those who have taken the time to leave a comment. Yeah, we all forget from time to time but don’t be a blogsnob. Don’t waste your blog this way.

Be sure that at least some of your posts are sharing the gospel and/or edifying the body. That’s what we’re here for. I find numerous blogs that are “Christian” and although it may be interesting, I find very little that is truly, biblically edifying. Don’t waste your blog this way.

And whatsoever ye do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God and the Father by him. Col. 3:17

So, don’t waste your blog.


Gordan Runyan said...

I agree with your points here, although I hate the timing of your post: right after I posted my first NFL related piece of the season. Dang!

I amened loudly the section on trying to be competent writers in our blogs. I have thought the same sort of thing: Y'know, just because you figure out how to get your own blog going does not mean you're a writer. It doesn't mean that you've necesarily been gifted to communicate through the written word. You may understand all mysteries and have all knowledge, but if you don't know where the commas go, I don't want to read what you write. Take a class. Stop writing like a gumby.

I have encountered a lot of people I like at various blogs, but for my money, the Kingdom of God would be better off without 80% of them.

Here's the thing I'm afraid has happened: the blogosphere is so densely populated with horrid writers, that atrocious communication skills have become the norm. In that environment, it's often the one who shouts the loudest or says the most outrageous thing who gets the fan-base. (Yes, I'm thinking of a couple of very well-known blogs in particular.)

Oh, but now look at me. I'm violating the admonition about being critical. Shutting up forthwith, posthaste.

Reformed Renegade said...

Hey Gordon, Glad to hear from you. I'll be the last one to say we can't have fun with our blogs - certainly not and you're a great example of having a God honoring blog and having fun - there's no dichotomy there. Sometimes I think RR is too serious - I probably need to lighten up a bit.
I agree with "the one who shouts the loudest or says the most outrageous thing who gets the fan-base" and I refuse to do that. As for some of the most popular blogs out there - I can't figure out why. I can think of one very well known blogger that puts me to sleep.
As for me, I'll continue on with my dinky little blog. What I post is simply showing where I'm at - where God has me and what I'm thinking about or praying about or learning about. I'll just keep on keepin' on. I'm not looking for a ton of readers. If there's a handful like you & me that'll be just fine.